General & Family Dentistry

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Oral hygiene is an often overlooked part of whole body health.  At TruYou Dental, we care for every aspect of your smile-from professional cleanings and exams to tooth alignment and periodontal treatment.  Specializing in dental care for the whole family, our doctors offer compassionate, skilled treatment for adults and children.  

Daily brushing and flossing are essential to tooth gum and health, but so are routine cleanings and oral exams.  During your visit, our hygienists will remove tartar and plaque that home hygiene leaves behind-reducing the chance of oral disease and bacteria growth.  Most importantly, our team will assess your teeth and gums to recommend corrective care, diagnose caries(cavities), and treat small problems before they become major health concerns.

Those who see a dentist regularly are less likely to develop gum disease, oral cancer, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder, cardiovascular disease, blood sugar problems, immune disorders, and more.  The mouth is a window to the body, and a healthy mouth is an indicator of physical health and longevity.

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