Custom, Hand-Crafted Porcelain Veneers

At TruYou dental our porcelain veneer process is truly a team effort.  We begin with a Digital Smile Design (DSD) to give you a preview of your new smile.  We will also build your new smile preview on a wax model to give you a second preview of your new smile.  Our conversations with you during this phase of treatment will allow us to get to know your personality and individual requirements to deliver an exceptional smile.  Once we have decided on the style, shape and shade for your new smile we will typically require two visits to complete the process.

The first visit will consist of minimal shaping of the teeth on the front surface approximately .5mm or the thickness of your natural fingernails.  Molds, photos and images will be taken to send to our ceramists. Temporary veneers will be cemented in place for the next 2 weeks. At the second visit, temporary veneers are removed and the individual veneers are cemented in place.  We strongly recommend that all of our patients with veneers have a custom made, thin, clear retainer to protect their investment. We find that most of our veneers can last for approximately 15 years.

porcelain veneers
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