female with invisalign

The doctors at TruYou Dental have advanced training in the use of Invisalign to straighten teeth. We strongly believe that Invisalign is the best option in that it demands the input and oversight of your doctor with the technology and support of the Invisalign team.  This partnership of experienced doctors with the latest digital technology continues to help us deliver exceptional outcomes.

We offer the Itero Scanner, which we use to take an image of the entire mouth within a few minutes.  There is no longer a need to take molds or impressions. The images acquired by the Itero Scanner seamlessly links with Invisalign to create a computer model animation of your treatment sequence.  Once approved by your doctor, Invisalign will provide us with a series of clear trays that will be worn by you throughout the process. We see our best results in those patients that wear the trays for most of the day, and only take them out when eating and drinking.  Your doctor will advise you on the most efficient treatment plan and timeline for your case. We continue to partner with Invisalign as the results for our patients are outstanding.

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