Computer-Guided Implant Placement

At TruYou Dental our implant dentistry options continue to deliver impressive results due to our specialists’ exceptional training and the integration of technology.  During our initial consultation to determine if single or multiple implants are right for you we will take a 3D CT Scan here in our office. Our state-of-the-art CT Scan features ultra-low dose radiation, and we can tailor the image to just a small section of your mouth.  The 3D images give us insights as to how to do the most minimally invasive surgery possible.

We use the CT 3D image to actually do a dress rehearsal by placing the exact size implant digitally.  The image is then sent off to our lab to provide us with an implant guide that your surgeon will use to precisely place the implant.  At TruYou Dental our surgeons have many years of advanced training in the placement of one or multiple implants. We strongly believe in the use of technology in the consultation phase of treatment in order to come up with a custom plan for you. 

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