All-On-4 Implants

For those people that would like an alternative to full dentures, and are about to lose their remaining teeth, we now have a viable option for a fixed solution.  All on 4 implant dentistry is one of the most cost effective methods that uses the minimum number of implants to deliver a fixed bridge that is screwed in place. The vast majority of our patients will only require 4 implants, however some will require up to 6 implants for additional support. We begin the process by taking a 3D CT scan to determine if you have enough underlying bone to support the implants.  We then fabricate a computer generated guide for our doctors to aid in precisely placing the implants.

On the day of surgery the goal is to remove the teeth, place the 4 implants and screw in a temporary, fixed bridge.  As long as the implants demonstrate good primary stability we can in most cases screw in this temporary bridge. After a period of 3-5 months, the process of fabricating a final bridge begins.  Over the next 6-8 weeks a Zirconia, all porcelain bridge will be fabricated. This fixed restoration is the ultimate in strength and beauty.

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