Esthetic Laser Gum Care


Our periodontists are specialists in the treatment of gum disease.  They have years of advanced training and experience in how to treat your gums in the most minimally invasive way using the latest technology.  At TruYou Dental we offer the Waterlase laser, which delivers stress-free, gentle gum care. This technology in many cases can replace traditional surgical gum procedures.   The advantages of laser therapy is it helps to preserve tissue and bone, promotes more rapid healing, and reduces post-operative discomfort. The Waterlase is also an effective treatment to help with gum disease around dental implants. 

 In the case of a gummy smile, the laser is an effective tool to sculpt the tissue in a gentle, conservative manner.  Many of our patients with gummy smiles lack the confidence to fully laugh and smile comfortably. By recontouring the gum tissue, and placing porcelain veneers you can see the dramatic results below.  Our team of doctors work closely together to help you achieve the smile you’ve always desired.

Before and after dental treatment
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