Facial Aesthetic Options


The doctors here at TruYou Dental can discuss the best way to enhance your lips, and reduce the wrinkles around your lips, eyes and forehead.  Our team works closely to make sure that we deliver to you a custom plan to conservatively improve your looks. Our doctors understand facial anatomy in a way that can guide our providers to use products such as Botox for wrinkles and Juvederm as a filler to make you look more youthful, awake and refreshed.  We also know that there is a limit as to what we can do with injectables and fillers. It is not uncommon to see these products overused resulting in unnatural results. For example, we have seen many upper lips being overfilled which results in showing less of your upper front teeth upon smiling. Our philosophy is a conservative one that is meant to make subtle improvements to your look, while only enhancing your smile.

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