Sleep Dentistry

Anxious? Sleep Dentistry is here!

We totally understand that the dental office can be a scary place for a lot of people.  The problem with fear and anxiety is that if you put off much needed care when issues are small, they tend to only get bigger and more costly as time goes on.  At TruYou dental we offer many different option to handle anxiety. We offer the use of Nitrous Oxide, which does a great job at reducing anxiety and making you care a lot less about having dental work completed.  Another great option is the use of oral sedation with medications like Halcion, that can reduce anxiety and make you a bit sleepy and comfortable.

The ultimate in sleep dentistry is achieved when we partner with Advanced Dental Anesthesia.  This group of dedicated, compassionate dental anesthesiologists are best in class, providing outstanding sleep dentistry care for our patients.   They are available to provide IV sedation services so that you can go to sleep and then wake up with all your dentistry completed. For more information or to reach them go to:

Dental sedations
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