Teeth Whitening Before and after

Today’s whitening solutions can vary from store bought over the counter solutions to powerful, in office whitening sessions.  By talking to your doctor the best whitening treatment will be recommended for you. We offer take home whitening trays that are impregnated with a bleaching gel.  The next step up is to do an “At home whitening” whereby custom whitening trays are made for you, and then filled with bleaching a gel to be used for about 30 mins per day for 1 week.

The ultimate in office whitening is the KOR treatment.  This method has a specific protocol that requires the use of a desensitizing toothpaste and use of trays with gel for 2 weeks prior to the office visit.  At the in office visit, a powerful peroxide gel is used to get the teeth their whitest. Whitening treatments result vary and cannot be predicted as some of our patients will get brighter than others.  Further, bondings, veneers and crowns will be unaffected by the bleaching gels.

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