Gum Lifts

If you have a “gummy smile” that’s making you feel self-conscious, you might be interested in our gum lift procedure. Gum lifts allow you to contour the shape of your gums around your teeth and eliminate excessive gum tissue that may be stealing attention from your beautiful teeth! The procedure can also fix uneven gum lines and reduce your chances of experiencing gum disease or decay. Our team offers this gentle, smile-changing procedure to patients in or around Franklin Lakes, NJ. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment and see how gum lifting can change your smile!

The Gum Lift Process

To eliminate excessive or uneven gum tissue, the tissue must be carefully removed and reshaped using either a scalpel or a dental laser. Our team at TruYou Dental performs this procedure in-house using the Waterlase Laser. This option provides calm, stress-free gum lifting with results that heal quickly and look fantastic! With Waterlase, we often don’t even need sedation to counter discomfort—it’s that gentle! The Waterlase laser sculpts the gum lining with accuracy and precision, delivering results that make our patients proud! To further enhance your smile, we recommend our porcelain veneers; veneers add length to your teeth and are a quick solution that brightens teeth and conceals gaps or crowding. If you’re interested in gum lifts and want to learn more about the procedure, call our office and schedule an appointment!

The Benefits of Gum Lifting

While gum lifting is usually considered a cosmetic procedure, it also has benefits regarding overall dental health. By removing excess gum tissue and exposing more of your tooth structure, you are eliminating places for decay-causing bacteria to hide. Many patients with “gummy smiles” struggle with gum disease and cavities due to being unable to reach food particles or debris hidden under the gum line. For patients with periodontal disease, gum lifting effectively reduces the gum pockets and limits the amount of bacteria getting between your gums and teeth. Additional benefits of this quick and easy procedure include:

  • Provides a Natural, Appealing Cosmetic Enhancement
  • Balances Out an Asymmetrical Smile
  • Easier and More Effective Teeth Cleaning
  • Restores Confidence With a Smile Worth Showing Off

Treatment That Fits Your Needs

At TruYou Dental, our focus is on our patients. We give you our full attention at every appointment to make sure we understand your unique wants and needs. It’s important that we provide you with the best care possible, and we can only do that if we fully understand you! Before starting your gum lift procedure, we want to hear all of your smile concerns. We want to understand what you need so that we can deliver results that make you happy. Dental care should be more than just teeth care, and at our office, we work to build connections with each patient, so they leave our office looking forward to the next visit!

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